Nomad Love Is On The Way!

Finally a dating app for Nomads by Nomads!

Say HELLO to like minded singles around the world ❤

And GOODBYE to dating apps that are not designed specifically for us remote workers, location independent people, and digital nomads!

We are a growing community of 23,000+ single digital nomads, remote workers, and global citizens that live the travel work lifestyle we love so much. In the upcoming months we will bring our Nomad Soulmate dating app to the palm of your hands. Your donations, advance memberships, business sponsorships  will help us on our mission to bring global dating and international love to our community of like minds and spirits for real life connections and deep meaningful relationships.

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Nomad Soulmates Dating and Community App for remote workers, location independent people, and digital nomads

For 2021 We Are Bringing You Something Better Than Tinder!

Prior to Covid you visited a lot of countries. You have friends from all over the world and some incredible memories. As you prepare to return to the road, if you’re like many of us, you’ve found yourself desiring a strong community and the ability to meet other remote workers that live this work travel, nomadic lifestyle for richer and deeper connections. You may even have the desire to meet someone special along the way that desires to share this lifestyle with you.

Dating apps like Tinder kind of get you by but nearly everyone you meet is living a different lifestyle than you. Either they’re living a really steady life, not moving around at all, or they’re on some super-transient backpacking journey.

Finding yourself in the right place at the right time to make meaningful connections is not easy. Remember that time you met someone you thought was amazing, and it worked for a week, but the long-term dream was impossible due to your lifestyle and differences in values? What about the time you tried a long distance relationship, because you ‘really wanted to make this work’? We all know how those usually pan out. We get it. Been there. Done that.

Now, imagine this year as you start exploring again, waking up next to someone who’s just as passionate about travel, tasting exotic foods, meeting locals and immersing themselves in foreign cultures. Imagine someone who shares your desire to work from anywhere while traveling around the globe.

Picture your smile and surge of energy as you make a soulful connection with someone who shares your nomadic lifestyle, someone who just ‘gets’ you when it comes to your worldly ambitions and your work. Don’t we all want a piece of this pie?


You have spoken and we have listened!

We have heard your call for us to launch an app to further bring nomads together. So, with our experience and triumphs in building high quality communities and connecting people through our always growing closed Facebook community and dating site, we embark on this mission. We’re bringing you an app that will connect you to a community of like-minded people online for meaningful experiences offline, in the real world that you will never forget!

Our community is full of amazing freelancers, remote workers, expats, entrepreneurs, free thinkers, world changers, freedom seekers, global citizens, (taking a breath) that are looking for meaningful friendships and relationships with people who have similar values, interests, and lifestyle as us!

Why we’re running this campaign

There isn’t anything like NOMAD SOULMATES™ on the market right now – no other dating app has been built specifically FOR location independent people. Moreover they are not flexible enough to gather and match you based on nomad type, travel speed, remote work style, relationship style, travel plans as well as interest, and more.

Nomads love to have a community to belong to of like minds and spirits that understand their lifestyle. This is a point we are emphasizing in the way we are building the app. It’s also why we are on a mission to bring our community together across the globe this year.

remote-workers-couple (
With your help through our campaign you get early bird discounted advanced memberships with some amazing bonuses and perks, which will save you money and offer added benefits. But really the best thing about supporting our campaign now is that you’re contributing to the launch of probably the coolest dating app built for nomads in history.

Join Our Amazing Community Now!

  • Intro Package
    You will have our eternal gratitude PLUS receive 45 days of base-membership + 3 extra Icebreakers!

    Intro Package Items

    • 45 days Base Membership
      + 3 Icebreakers credited to your account
      + Our eternal gratitude

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  • Bronze Package

    You will get all the gratitude from above but instead of the base membership you will enjoy a 45 days Premium Membership. PLUS More!

    Bronze Member Items

    • 45 days Premium Membership
    • + The remaining of the Intro Package
    • + Facebook Live Shoutout – thanking you for your support
    • + Invitation to be a beta tester

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  • Silver Package

    You will get all of the above but instead of 45 days of Premium Membership you will get 3 months of Premium Membership PLUS MORE!

    Silver Package Items

    • 3 months of Premium Membership
    • + The remaining of the Intro & Bronze Packages
    • + Granted early access to the app
    • + Silver Badge will appear in your profile

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  • Gold Package

    You will get all the above but instead of a 3 months of Premium Membership you will get 6 months of Premium Membership PLUS MORE!

    Gold Package Items

    • 6 months of Premium Membership
    • + The remaining of the Intro, Bronze, Silver Packages
    • + Profile featured to members
    • + Gold Badge will appear on your profile

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  • Platinum Package

    You will get all the above but instead of a 6 months of Premium Membership you will get 1 year Premium Membership PLUS MORE!

    Platinum Package Items

    • 1 year of Premium Memberships
    • + The remaining of the Intro, Bronze, Silver, Gold Packages
    • + Choice of profile picture highlight ring color making you stand out in member searches, chats, and more
    • + A Platinum Badge will appear on your profile

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  • Diamond Business Package

    This package grants you 1 month of advertising of your business to our always growing community of over 20,000 members.* Your business will receive some amazing exposure in a variety of ways!

    Diamond Business Package Items

    + Your logo will appear on our site that backlink to your site for 1 months
    + Company included in a featured FB Pinned Post recognizing Diamond Sponsors
    + A tasteful promotional post for your business on our FB business page and group
    + 6 month Premium Membership to our app (for you or gift to another)
    + “Business Sponsor” or “Gifted Membership” badge featured on user profile that will actively link to your site for 1 month

  • Emerald Business Package

    This package grants you 3 months of advertising**  AND MORE

    Emerald Business Package Items

    • + All advertising perks in the Diamond Business Package but for 3 months
    • + Company included in a featured FB Pinned Post recognizing Emerald Sponsors
    • +Featured business article on our blog
    • + 2 – 6 Premium Memberships to our app (for you or gift to another)
    • +“Business Sponsor” or “Gifted Membership” badge featured on user profiles that will actively link to your site for 3 months.

Our highest priority is a valuable, secure, and friendly community, that is why you will need to apply with your full profile and be approved by admins, to become a member. That means high quality before quantity. You will discover interesting people that you must meet!

  • Search: Type of Nomad, How Often They Move, Remote Work Style ...

    Search for those who match your flavor of the nomadic life by applying your individual filters such as: type of nomad, how often they move, their working style, and so much more. You can really narrow down your search or keep it open, it’s all up to you!

  • Post or Join Meetups: Where Your Offline Adventures Begin

    Rolling into town and want to meetup for a drink, have a weekend adventure you wish to go on, or desire to enjoy a group dinner? You hold in the palm of your hands an app that goes well beyond dating. Our Meetup feature allows you easy access to an amazing community of nomads and have an active nomad social circle across the globe at your finger tips. Join Meetups that have been posted by others or post your own, what a great way to meet people and do fun stuff together. You don’t want to miss out on that!

  • Match Travel Plans: Explore Who‘s Path You’ll Cross

    Have you ever wondered who else might be traveling to the same place at the same time as you?

    Well, we have you covered! Post your travel plans and let our system get to work matching you with others who are going to be in the same areas as you will be at the same time!! How cool is that!?!

  • Group Chat: Naturally Connect & Get To Know Community Members

    Join our Group Chat to connect with our community from anywhere in the world. A lot of Meetups get planned through ideas shared in our group chat. Build friendships online and deepen the conversations and connections offline.

  • Icebreakers: Never Be Lost For Words Again

    So a member has caught your eye but you have not mutually matched yet OR you have matched but you just don’t know what to say. Don’t worry. You no longer have to navigate this dangerous minefield, we got your back! Let us introduce you to Icebreakers, the new fun, easy, way to let others know you’re interested in connecting and help you break the ice. You can choose from a list of fun conversation starters OR type your own to fire up your conversations.

Nomad Soulmates Dating App, Nomad Community, Remote Workers, Location Independent People

Designed to help you date, build friendships, connect with an amazing nomad community, AND to FIND LOVE!

We have successfully helped our members build friendships, network, have a community to go out with, AND find love! Even, our Co-founder Sebastien met his soulmate Claudia (they just got married), through Nomad Soulmates! These are all possible for you too!

We’ll never forget the day…

We will never forget the day we received the video from Vikram and Maria, a beautiful couple that shared their love story with us.

Not only did it light up our day, but we got proof for the first time that our vision for Nomad Soulmates is working for our community! We know if it’s possible for Vikram, Maria, Sebastien, Claudia, and the many others connections that have been made since we started, that with our app it’s going to be even more possible for you to make connections online that you can bring offline, and meet in real life.

We hope this excites you as much as it does us!

With your help we’ll bringing to the world global dating and international love!

Your donations, advanced memberships, business sponsorships will help us bring our app to the world in 2022 ❤

Our app opens the door to new connections online but its real power is in how it will aid in moving those connections to deep meaningful relationships offline. It was in this spirit that our World Tour found its inspiration but with Covid it complicated things. So, like many companies we’ve pivoted.

We’ve worked hard through the past year to bring our community together virtually. With vaccinations and the world opening up we have worked with our collaborative partners in Bansko and Madeira to host events and bring members of our community together.

Your support goes towards the spreading of the word about our app, the ongoing build of our community, and when and where we can safely bring members of our community together for connection and celebration.

It’s your support that is making this all possible – thank you!

App Launch Timeline 2021


In which cities are we launching the app?

We are launching the app worldwide as we are a worldwide community of remote workers who live some form of a work travel lifestyle. This means our members are not only interested in meeting those who have their same passion for exploring the world but also open to meeting someone anywhere in the world. One of our favorite features and the one that excites those who’ve had a sneak peak at our app is our Travel Plans. The Travel Plan feature is designed beautifully for you to connect with other members who have itineraries matching your as well as inspire your next travels.

What platforms will be supported?

The app will initially be made available on Google Android and Apple iOS. We may support other platforms in the future but can’t specify a timeline for that at this point.

When does my Advanced Membership begin?

When we launch our app we will send you a detailed email on how to activate your advanced membership. Your membership is activated by you at the time you find best. So, the clock doesn’t start on your membership till you start it.

Will the app be free?

We know members wish to use the app for free to decide from their own experience if they desire to upgrade to a paid membership. After your membership is approved you will be granted free access to the app, however unless you have activated your Advanced Membership or have upgraded to a paid membership, your free access will have limits. Paid memberships will bring additional value and grant you access to enhanced features that connect you more with the community.

When will I be able to install the app?

This depends on the perks in your chosen package. As, we share in our estimated timeline above, over the next couple of months the app will still be in its initial development. After that we will have a closed beta test, and if all goes well then our early access members will receive their invitations sometime in January 2022, followed by everyone else sometime in Februray.

What made you decide to run your Crowdfund and Advanced Membership Campaign?

We strongly believe in community and we want to involve ours as much as possible. We believe this is a great way to extend our reach and connect to more nomads so we can get feedback from them as well. Let’s be frank, we’re also doing it because we could really use the funds to ensure we have a successful launch and this will of course benefit our own users first and foremost.

What will the funds raised during this crowdfunding campaign be used for?

Very good question and we’re so glad you asked! The funds raised will go towards the development of our app, our app launch, and our efforts to raise app awareness.  What that means is the more we raise, the more successful our launch will be and the greater reach all of our marketing efforts will have. We understand how important it is for a dating app to have a strong user base early on and since our audience is very niche, our efforts are focused on making sure every single nomad out there knows about our app and at least gets a chance to install it.

Can I support this project if I’m in a relationship?

Yes of course! We welcome all of the support we can get. If you were once in need of such an app and wish there had been one, then you can help make sure current singles will get to benefit from something that you could only dream of!